For First-time Players

when you go to an arcade...

For those who have an interest in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4, what should you do first after going to an arcade? This guide will show you how to choose your game machine and start playing.

Two types of game machines

There are two types of game machine for the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 in the arcades with a steering wheel and a chair, and the other with a long and, vertical vertical baby.

The one with the steering wheel is called the "Drive Cabinet", and the long, vertical one is called the "Wangan Terminal."

First, sit in the "Drive Cabinet" with the steering wheel. Three glowing red rings lined up along the side of the screen will indicate which machine to use.

There are no preparations you need to make for your first time on Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. All of the multiple machines lined up are the same, so sit down in whichever seat you want.


Use the long, vertical "Wangan Terminal" after you've played a little bit. Check the data saved to your BANAPASSPORT Card, and replace parts you've received.

For more details on the Wangan Terminal should click here


Seat adjustment

Adjust the position of the seat on the drive cabinet. Adjust the seat's position by pulling the black lever that is near the center front of the seat and moving the seat back and forth.


Accelerator and Brake

There are two pedals on the floor panel, with the accelerator on the right and the brake on the left.


Inserting coins

The coin slot is located to the lower right of the steering wheel.

You'll be asked if you have a BANAPASSPORT Card when you insert a coin.

The BANAPASSPORT Card is where you can save your records for your cars and the distance you've raced among other information. In order to play Wangan Maxi 4 to its maximum potential,
we recommend purchasing a card to play.

Players who want to see more details on BANANAPASSPORT Card should click here

Now you're ready to play the game, so pick your favorite car and let the race begin!!


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