B:FAQ About the Cabinets and the Control System

B1:FAQ About the Drive Cabinet and its Control System

Q1: What kind of controls are there?

The control system consists of a steering wheel for turning left and right, a perspective switch button (a green, square button), an interruption switch button (a red, circular button), a six-speed manual shifter, an accelerator pedal (the right pedal when facing the machine) and a brake pedal (the left pedal when facing the machine). Also, the seat can be moved back and forth depending on your height and driving position(see Q9)

Q2: How much is the maximum rotation of the steering wheel?

It's around 270 degrees.

Q3: What is the six-speed manual shifter(MT)

It's a control system component that lets you feel like you're really shifting an actual car's six-speed manual transmission.

Q4: Is the six-speed manual transmission difficult to use?

The installed six-speed manual shifter will make the game much more fun if you can manage to use it since it's easy to shift and it doesn't require much power. But we've made the game so that beginners can play with an AT (automatic) without using the six-speed manual shifter. You can change whether you use or don't use the six-speed manual shifter afterward, so choose whether you use it or not depending on your skill.

Q5: What happens if I use the six-speed manual shifter with a four-speed or five-speed car?

For four-speed or five-speed models, the gears that aren't used will be treated the same as the top gear.
 for four-speeds, it will be: 1-2-3-4-4-4;
 for five-speeds, it will be: 1-2-3-4-5-5;
 and for six-speeds, it will be: 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Q6: Which is faster, the MT that uses the six-speed manual shifter, or the AT that doesn't?

You can't really say because it depends on the skill of the player. If you use AT, the computer will change gears for you automatically. You'll experience stable performance since there are no missed shifts. If you use MT, gear changes are made at your own discretion, so you may be able to make times faster than the AT.

Q7: How many perspectives can I switch to with the Perspective Switch Button?

You can choose from two perspectives, the perspective from just behind your car (third-person perspective), and the perspective from the front of your car (first-person perspective)

Q8: What's the purpose of the Interruption Switch Button?

You can switch your interruption settings while playing when there are cabinets that are networked.

Q9: How do I move the seat back and forth?

There is a lever under the front of the seat. Pull the lever up to release the seat lock and move back and forth. Release the lever to lock the seat in that position.



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