D: FAQ About Entering Play Mode

D1: FAQ About Entering Play Mode on the Drive Cabinet

Q1: How do I start the game?

Insert the number of coins shown in the center of the screen. Step on the accelerator pedal (the right pedal) to start the game when "Please step on the accelerator" is displayed.

Q2: I was asked, "Do you have a Banapassport Card?" Can I play if I don't have a card?

You can play the game even if you don't have a Banapassport Card, but you won't be able to save your game results. You'll be able to enjoy the full potential of Wangan Maxi 4 if you have a Banapassport Card.

Q3: Where can I buy the Banapassport Card?

The Banapassport Card can be purchased on the drive cabinet. (It can also be purchased on the Wangan Terminal.)

Q4: How many cars can I register on the Banapassport Card?

One hundred cars can be registered on one Banapassport card. You can use the top 5 cars in your lineup in races on the drive cabinet.

Q5: Do I need additional coins to register additional cars?

You don't need additional coisn for new car registration or additional registrations.

Q6: What happens when I register an additional car when five cars are already registered?

When you register an additional car when five cars are already registered, the 5th car in your lineup will become the 6th car. If you want to use any car from the 6th or later, change your car lineup on the Wangan Terminal so that the car you wish to use is within the top five.

Q7: The game said "You can use a Discarded Vehicle Card." What is a "Discarded Vehicle Card?"

It's a system where cars can be registered to start the game "from Episode 21 of the Story Mode" or "from a 600 HP/B Class car" by using a Discarded Vehicle Card.

Q8: The game said "Choose a manufacturer," "Choose a car" and "Choose a body color." What are good standards for choosing a car?

Choose one as you like, whether it's one that you have an attachment to, one that you think looks cool or one that's the same as the one your dad drove.

Q9: Should I choose an "AT or MT" transmission?

Choose AT, which doesn't use the shifter, as long as you're not used to the game. Once you're more used to the game, choose MT. You can change your transmission later on the Car Data Confirmation Screen (7/8) if you use the Banapassport Card.

Q10: After choosing a car to race with, a "Challenge!" popup appeared.

"Challenge!" displays when your ghost was defeated in an Online Ghost Versus Battle. You can get revenge by choosing "YES" on the "Do you want revenge?" screen that follows.

Q11: What is the "Car Data Confirmation Screen?"

You can change your settings and browse your car data on the Car Data Confirmation Screen.

Q12: What are the choices "Refuse Interruptions" and "Welcome Interruptions" on the "Please choose your in-store interruption settings" screen?

Wangan Maxi 4 has an In-store Interruption Versus Battle Mode. If you select "Welcome Interruptions," you'll be able to take part in interruption versus battles with other cabinets you're connected to. You won't be able to take part if you select "Refuse Interruptions." You can toggle your interruption settings during the game with the "Interruption Switch Button (the red, circular button)."

Q13: What are the choices "Don't Interrupt" and "Interrupt" on the "Will you do an in-store interruption?" screen?

This screen appears when another networked cabinet plays the game with "Welcome Interruptions." Choose "Interrupt" on this screen to take part in an interruption versus battle. You won't be able to take part if you select "Don't Interrupt." (It will be treated as "Refuse Interruptions" in this case.)

Q14: The game told me to "Please choose a game mode."

On this screen, choose the Wangan Maxi 4 single-player game mode that you will play from "Story Mode," "Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode" and "Time Attack." Play using your favorite game mode. *You can't select "Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode" if you're not using a Banapassport Card.

Q15: I can't use the Discarded Vehicle Card I got.

As long as the Discarded Vehicle Card you got hasn't been used yet, it can't be used when there are 100 cars registered on your Banapassport Card.

Q16: Why did my car's name become "GUEST" when I registered a car on the drive cabinet?

When entering a car name, be aware that your car's name will become "GUEST" if you do not fill in a name or if time runs out with the name field being empty. In addition, it will be reset to blank when your input is rejected if you used words that are generally thought to be inappropriate.



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