D: FAQ About Entering Play Mode

D2: FAQ About Entering Play Mode on the Wangan Terminal

Q1: How do I start using the Wangan Terminal?

Touch the touch panel.

Q2: I was asked, "Do you have a Banapassport Card?" Can I use the Wangan Terminal if I don't have a card?

The Wangan Terminal is a machine for confirming and manipulating data on a Banapassport Card. There is nothing you can do with it if you don't have a Banapassport Card.

Q3: Where can I buy the Banapassport Card?

The Banapassport Card can be purchased on the Wangan Terminal. (It can also be purchased on the drive cabinet.)

Q4: How long can I use the Wangan Terminal?

The Wangan Terminal can be used for a maximum of 180 seconds per use. Your turn will end after 180 seconds pass, even if you're in the middle of an operation. If your operation ends midway, start again from the beginning and try again. However, if people are waiting to use the Wangan Terminal, please be sure to take turns politely.

Q5: An explanation for the Banapassport Card was displayed

You can use functions such as "Lock data when the card is lost" or "Move data to another cell phone or Banapassport Card" by registering your Banapassport Card on the Banapassport Card website. Be sure to register your card.

Q6: "My Garage," "Transfer Card Data" and "Gift a Discarded Vehicle Card" appeared on the screen.

This is the menu screen for the Wangan Terminal. Select the item you'd like to use. My Garage: Confirm data and attach/replace parts for your registered cars. Transfer Card Data: Transfer card data from the previous game. Gift a Discarded Vehicle Card: Gift a Discarded Vehicle Card to a friend.

Q7: I can't touch "My Garage."

You can't touch it when there are no cars registered on your Banapassport Card. If you register a car using "Register new cars on the drive cabinet" or "Transfer card data from the previous game," you'll be able to touch the "My Garage" option.

Q8: I can't touch "Gift a Discarded Vehicle Card."

You can't touch it when you don't have any Discarded Vehicle Cards that can be gifted. If you play the game on the drive cabinet and get Discarded Vehicle Cards that can be gifted, you'll be able to touch "Gift a Discarded Vehicle Card."



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