E: FAQ About the Game Modes Playable on the Drive Cabinet

E3: FAQ About the Time Attack Mode

Q1: What is the Time Attack Mode?

Time Attack Mode is the game mode where you compete against time by yourself on a course where there are no other rival cars.

Q2: Is the course for the Time Attack predetermined?

You will run a time attack on a predetermined course. There is the relatively technical C1, the high-speed, expressway-style New Loop with long straightaways, the Wangan line with very long, consecutive straightaways, the Yokohane line or the Minato Mirai with narrow roads and lots of corners that you can run through at comparatively high speeds, the Hanshin Expressway loop that consists of straightaways and 90-degree corners, and the Metro 1, Tokyo and Yokohama areas, where you can run on the entire Metropolitan Expressway. It requires additional coins to run on the Metro 1 course.

Q3: Is there anything I should be careful of when choosing the Metro 1 course?

It requires additional coins to run on the Metro 1 course. If you don't insert an additional coin in time, the C1 Inner Loop will be chosen automatically. Also, your additionally inserted coin will become invalid when starting an Interruption Versus Battle if you're set to "Welcome Interruptions" while running the Metro 1 course. (If you select Time Attack and the Metro 1 course after winning the versus battle, you'll need to insert another additional coin.) It's recommended that you choose "Refuse Interruptions" when doing a Time Attack on the Metro 1 course.

Q4: In addition to courses, I can choose the time zone and the BGM for the race, but do they affect the time?

The time zone and BGM do not particularly affect the time. You should choose a time zone that makes the course easier to see and drive on, and a BGM that you can get into a good groove with.

Q5: The screen glows red during the Time Attack.

That happens at a checkpoint. The screen will flash red when passing a certain point on the Metro Expressway or the Hanshin Expressway loop at a speed higher than the fixed level. You can earn a new title by making all of these checkpoints flash.

Q6: The total of the times for each section on the results screen and the total time aren't the same. Why?

The Time Attack time displays up to the third decimal place of a second (1/1000th of a second), but an even more accurate unit is used in the game's internal time calculations. Digits below 1/1000th of a second are rounded down on the display, so there may be occurrences where the sum of each section time and the total time are different.

Section 1 Actual Time (A) 25.12345 s
Section 1 Displayed Time (B) 25.123 s
Section 2 Actual Time (C) 20.64260 s
Section 2 Displayed Time (D) 20.642 s

Displayed Section Sum (B) + (D) 45.765 s
↑Totals the time after the digits after 1/1000th of a second were rounded down.

Actual Total Time (A) + (C) 45.76605
Displayed Total Time 45.766
↑Rounds the digits after the 1/1000th of a second down after totaling the actual time.



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