F: FAQ About What Can be Done on the Wangan Terminal

F4: FAQ About Transferring Cards

Q1: Where can I access Transfer Card Data?

You can do so on the Wangan Terminal. Prepare your data transfer destination Banapassport Card and your data transfer source Tuning Card used in Wangan Maxi 3DX+. The instructions are: "Touch the Screen" > "Use the Banapassport Card" > "Transfer to the Card from Wangan Maxi 3DX+."

Q2: Which cards can I transfer from?

You can only use cards that are in use in Wangan Maxi 3DX+." You can't transfer any other cards.

Q3: I can't touch "Transfer to the Card from Wangan Maxi 3DX+."

You can't touch "Transfer to the Card from Wangan Maxi 3DX+" when the Banapassport Card has 100 cars registered on it.

Q4: It looks like I can only change the name once when transferring. Is that true?

Yes, you can only change the name once, no matter what card you transfer it from. The name changed at this time will be the name used for that car in Wangan Maxi 4. Be sure to think hard about the name because it can only be changed once at the time of transfer.

Q5: I don't want to change its name. Do I have to?

The screen where you enter the name at the time of transfer has the original name entered. Touch "Set" as it is to transfer without changing the name.

Q6: It said that the model will change when transferred.

The car might change its model when transferred for some models. That model will correspond to a car from the manufacturer that had its icon on the far left side of the screen where you chose a manufacturer when you chose your car in Wangan Maxi 3DX+.

Q7: Are there any differences other than the model change?

ou'll own Dress-up parts that correspond to the Dress-up level you had in Wangan Maxi 3DX+. Your car's equipment will return to a completely stock state, but you can attach/replace parts on the Wangan Terminal's "Attach/Replace Dress-up Parts" screen.
Body color:
the body color will be a color close to the one chosen when registering the car. The details of the body colors earned with a card update will change, but the number of colors owned will be transferred.

Other than those mentioned, the same contents will be transferred as when the car model doesn't change.

Q8: Can I use my Wangan Maxi 3DX+ Tuning Card after the transfer?

The Tuning Card can no longer be used on Wangan Maxi 3DX+ after the transfer.

Q9: How do I identify a Wangan Maxi 3DX+ Tuning Card after the transfer?

"Transfer Complete" will be printed on the Tuning Card after the transfer.



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