G: FAQ About Tuning (Step-up) and Dress-up

G2: FAQ About Dress-up (Excluding Some Models)

Q1: My car experienced Dress-up in the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode. What is Dress-up?

You can change (customize) your car's appearance as you like in Wangan Maxi 4. This is called Dress-up.

Q2: How do I use Dress-up?

You'll receive Dress-up points depending on your results in the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode. When your Dress-up point bar fills up, you'll get one Dress-up part. You can only get Dress-up points in the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode. When your bar becomes full, the overflow amount carries over to the next game.

Q3: How do I accumulate Dress-up points?

You can earn Dress-up points by defeating your opponent's ghost (you'll receive a few even if you lose) in Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode.

Q4: What's the best way to earn Dress-up points?

You'll get a different amount of Dress-up points depending on the opponent you face. When you defeat a ghost the same level or within one level of yours...

Level of your opponent Lower than yours Same as yours Higher than yours Revenge race
When you win 0~0.5 1.0 1.5 1.5
When you lose 0.5 0.5 0.5

*Revenge = a race with an opponent from "Select an Opponent for Getting Revenge."

Q5: What types of parts are there in Dress-up?

There are the following types of Dress-up parts:
 ・Body Kit Set
 ・Neon tubes

Q6: How do I attach/replace Dress-up parts?

You can attach/replace Dress-up parts after earning them on the drive cabinet. Also, when you've earned Dress-up parts of the same type, they are included with the ones you earned in the past, and you can select which part to attach/replace.

Q7: I want to freely attach/replace my Dress-up Parts, but how do I do that?

You can freely attach/replace your Dress-up parts on the Wangan Terminal if you have them.

Q8: I have the feeling that the wheel designs that I can choose change sometimes.

You can select your wheels from four real-world manufacturers in Wangan Maxi 4. Since the Wheel Selection Screen is divided by manufacturer, the wheels that you can select will change when the manufacturers change.

Q9: Does my car's performance change depending on its Dress-up parts?

Your car's performance doesn't change depending on its Dress-up parts. Select your parts with a focus on appearance.

*Some models cannot earn or attach/replace "Dress-up Points" or "Dress-up Parts."



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