H: FAQ About How to Use the Card

Q1: What kind of cards can I use on Wangan Maxi 4?

You can use the "Banapassport Card" in Wangan Maxi 4. For more details, see the "Banapassport Card Site"

Q2: How do I use the Banapassport Card?

You can use the Banapassport Card by just placing it on the card reader on the drive cabinet or the Wangan Terminal.

Q3: Where can I get a Banapassport Card?

You can buy one on either the "drive cabinet" or the "Wangan Terminal." You may also be able to buy one at a card vending machine in some arcades.

Q4: Can I use the Tuning Card from the previous game?

You can transfer the data at a Wangan Terminal if you have a Tuning Card that you're using in the previous game (Wangan Maxi 3DX+).

Q5: I have various cards registered on two Banapassport Cards. Can I combine them into one card?

You can't combine cars registered on multiple Banapassport Cards.

Q6: When I touch the Banapassport Card, it displays "This Banapassport Card's data is locked" and I can't play the game.

You can't use a card that's currently in use on another drive cabinet or the Wangan Terminal. Use it after it's no longer being used on another drive cabinet or the Wangan Terminal. Also, if this message appears even though the card isn't being used in another drive cabinet or the Wangan Terminal, there is a possibility that the data wasn't saved properly when finishing the game you just played. Please wait for at least the amount of time that is displayed as "time remaining" on the screen (Please wait about * minutes), and try again.

Q7: The Banapassport Card won't load even after using it.

If the card won't read even after placing it on the card reader when it's in a readable state, then it's possible the card has been scratched or warped. See the item, "My Card was Damaged." It may not be useable due to network conditions. Also, the server is offline for maintenance from 02:00 to 07:00, so the card won't be usable during these times. Please keep this in mind.

Q8: My Banapassport Card is damaged.

If a card is physically damaged, such as by being broken or cracked, that card can't be used. If the exterior looks clean, but the card is warped, it may not be usable due to damage to the internal antenna. In that case, prepare a new card, so that you can migrate the data from the "Banapassport Card Site" using the "Data Migration" function. For more information, see the Banapassport Card Site.↓

Q9: I lost my Banapassport Card.

If your card is lost or stolen, prepare a new card, so that you can migrate the data from the "Banapassport Card Site" using the "Data Migration" function. For more information, please see the Banapassport Card Site. Banapassport Card site.↓

Q10: Is there a distinction between the front and the back when touching the Banapassport Card?

It doesn't matter whether you use the front or the back of the card.

Q11: Can I sell or transfer my Banapassport Card?

We don't permit the buying, selling or transferring of the card. Please refrain from these actions.

Q12: My game data wasn't saved after the game ended.

Since "Wangan Maxi 4" uses a wide-area network, there may occasionally be cases where data can't be saved normally due to unintentional communication errors. Also, the display of the online status is only a reference point, so it may not perfectly reflect the actual network status. Please keep this in mind.



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