J: FAQ About the Cars

Q1: What car manufacturers can I choose?

You can choose from Chevrolet, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, RUF, Subaru and Toyota.

Q2: Which model is the fastest?

Cars behave differently depending on their drivetrain in Wangan Maxi 4. Specifically, there are four types: FR, MR, RR, and 4WD. Find the drivetrain that suits you by comparing the four types of drivetrains. Once you find the drivetrain suited to you, there are differences in the transmission from four-speed to six-speed, and each model has a different character, such as the ease of reading the meters, or the effectiveness of the brakes. Choose the model that suits you here, too. Having done that, you'll naturally find a model that suits you. That's the fastest model. Also, as another way to find it, you can choose your favorite model first. And then get ready to go with that car. In this way, that model will be the fastest car for you. Driving the car that you like is the essence of Wangan Maxi.

Q3: Are there courses that certain models are better at or worse at?

Just as with real cars, lightweight cars are better at technical courses and heavyweight cars are better at maximum-speed-oriented courses.

Q4: I want to change my registered "model."

You can't change a registered "model" after it's registered.

Q5: I want to change my registered "body color."

You earn one new body color for every 60 times that you play. You can change your body color to one of the ones you own at that time. (Excluding some models)

Q6: I want to change the "name" I gave to my car.

You can't change the "name" you gave to a car after it's registered.

Q7: What is this "Registered Prefecture" attached to my car?

"Registered Prefecture" is the prefecture where the drive cabinet that registered the car is located or the prefecture where the Wangan Terminal that transfered the car data is located.

Q8: What is "Registered Prefecture" used for?

"Registered Prefecture" is used for searches when looking for opponents for the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode.

Q9: I want to change my "Registered Prefecture."

You can't change your "Registered Prefecture" after it's registered.

Q10: What is the "Search Number" attached to my car?

Each car is randomly assigned a "Search Number."

Q11: What is the "Search Number" used for?

The "Search Number" is scheduled to be used for searches when looking for opponents in the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode.

Q12: I want to change my "Search Number."

You can't change your "Search Number" after it's registered.

Q13: Are there hidden cars?

You can make them appear using the following commands.
Input the commands with the shifter when the following models are displayed on the Model

Corolla On the Supra (JZA70): 4126
Hiace On the MR2 (SW20): 322 322 322
R2 On the Alcyone SVX (CXD): 6464 6464 64
Aristo (commercial) On the Aristo (JZS161): 111 222 333 3333 444 555 6666 666
Celsior (commercial) On the Celsior (UCF10): 1562 1562 1562
Hiace (?) On the Chaser (JZX100): 33 44 33 44 26 26 26
Mazda6 (?) On the Mazda6 (GG3P): 66 54 333 11 23 444
GT-R(specV) On the GT-R (R35): 135 235 33 55

There may be even more...



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