有關「轉移數據」至Location Test限量版
Banapassport Card的注意事項

如果想將目前使用中的Banapassport Card儲存的數據轉移至Location Test限量版Banapassport Card,請勿在本Location Test中使用Location Test限量版Banapassport Card。
如果想將您現在持有的Banapassport Card或手機的卡片數據轉移至『Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5』Location Test限量版Banapassport Card(下稱「限量版卡」),您的「限量版卡」必須是從未使用的(即:包括本Location Test機,從未使用此卡於任何遊戲機進行遊戲,並且從未在Banapassport Card Site登記)。
如果想將現在使用中的Banapassport Card的數據轉移至「限量版卡」,請勿於是次『Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5』Location Test使用「限量版卡」。
詳情請參考Banapassport Card背面記載的「Banapassport Card Site」網頁中有關「Data Transfer」的說明。
此外,要進行轉移數據的步驟,必須先於「Banapassport Card Site」登記成為會員。

Message from Producer Maeda

Wangan Location Test!

Thank you for waiting! At last, the location test for 'Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5' will be held in Hong Kong!
This time around in Wangan Maxi 5, we will have a large number of features like a new mode, new car models, new courses and other additional elements.
Those who have checked the News page maybe already know, but there will be car models introduced that are not in the Japanese version! The new course, 'Mt. Taikan', has also not been released in the Japanese version!!
The updates in Wangan Maxi 4 were applied after the Japanese version, which probably made the wait unbearable, so for this location test, we will have special services for the Overseas Version.
At the location test, we will be giving away Banapassport cards with a limited edition design to the first 500 people who arrive each day! (*)
Try to get the card with the limited edition design that was also very popular at the location test in Japan.
*-----------Offer ends once all cards are given out. Only one card per person and you won't be able to collect any for your friends, so please come to the location test with together.

Additionally! If you use your Banapassport card at the location test when creating a new car model, you can start with 830 horsepower (*)! There will be instant full-tune, so please look forward to battling your friends in the new EXTREME VS MODE.
*-----------The location test data will be erased once the location test has finished.
*-----------If you want to transfer your current data to the limited edition Banapassport, bring along and use your current Banapassport, and do not use the limited edition Banapassport at the location test.
In cooperation with 'Golden Era Shop' at the location test hall, there will be a Wangan Maxim area created within the shop.
They have also opened a Wangan Maxi color-schemed corner for us, so you can play while immersing yourself in the world of Wangan Maxi.
Members of the development team will also be on-site for the duration of the location test, so let's enjoy 'Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5' together!!

The New Attractions in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5

A new mode, Extreme VS Mode, has been added!

The Extreme VS Mode changes up the already available VS Mode by reversing the start and goal points of familiar courses to give a fresh VS experience on well-known courses.

Everything is backwards, curves and concourses, even junctions and obstacles, meaning a trap could be in unexpected places and the way to drive the course has entirely changed.

In addition to these changes, all race information, remaining distance, curve warnings, the mini-map, rival distance, and all other race-aiding information is hidden,
and what's more, the race distance changes every time!

With the extreme conditions of not knowing about upcoming curves, positions of rivals, or where the goal is, on the spot judgment and reaction will be required. You'll be able to play in a never before experienced way that will keep you on your toes until the very end.

・Choose from either VS player (This Machine) or Extreme VS Battle modes. (Decided by vote.)

A new course, Mt.Taikan has been added!

Climbing Mt.Taikan
Special Features

Mt.Taikan is an extremely steep hill climb. It's a technical mountain course with a vehicle speed range higher than the normal Hakone course.
The foot of the mountain is also decorated with autumn leaves and Japanese silver grass.


There are a variety of corners, each requiring their own strategy and kept challenging due to the high speed range. Judging the continuous back and forth turns will especially be a measure of player skill.

Descending Mt.Taikan
Special Features

This is a reverse of the climbing route. This downhill course offers occasional glimpses of the ocean and the cityscape along with a beautiful night view.


In addition to the original technical layout, descending increases the driving speed and ups the required amount of skill. Also, in addition to the twisty folded loop at the foot of the mountain, there is a toll gate which can become the deciding point of the race.

Newly Added Cars