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Wangan Midnight Maximum 5 is now available!

Hi, this is Maeda, the producer of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.
I'm excited that its International Version is finally available!

New to this edition is the Extreme VS mode.
These races involve driving the course in reverse and without any displays. So when you're racing against friends like you're used to, you'll find these changes make for an entirely different experience.
Going in reverse means the best way to handle a corner changes and you'll find traps in places you'd never imagine.
No displays means that the remaining course distance and the distance from your rival are not shown. This makes coming up with strategies a challenge and allows for fun and extremely tense races.

It's a real challenge, and I hope you'll face off against all your friends.
You'll also find new ways to enjoy your races.

New cars and courses have also been added.
But that's not all!
Some models differ from the Japanese specifications.
This has even managed to surprise Japanese players.
Up until now, the International Versions have always followed the Japanese specifications which means that the updates offered no surprises.
That's why this time the Japanese and International versions are planned to differ in the order and what appears in each specification.
That said,
I hope you'll check the updates of both the International and Japanese Versions and look forward to what might be coming in future updates.

I'm really believe you'll love playing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.

there will be a number events in various countries,
so I look forward to meeting you there!