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It's great that Wangan Maximum 5 is finally out.

Hi, everyone. Ono here.
It's great that Wangan Maximum 5 is finally out.
I'm happy to say that this time we developed both versions simultaneously so fans outside of Japan could get the game as soon as possible. We all worked together so this could happen.

The most exciting part of this game is definitely the Extreme VS Mode!
Racing on the reversed course gives a fresh feeling to any course that you've become familiar with. For example, you might find yourself turning that handle the wrong way when you drive the Hanshin Expressway Loop Line or that C1 has become extremely tough.
Also, the displays usually shown during the race will be hidden which means you won't know how much distance remains between you and the goal or how far you are from your rival. You'll have to figure out entirely new strategies for these races. I think Extreme VS Mode is a must when playing with friends.

The new course Mt. Taikan is well timed as it's a mountain with autumn leaves and Maximum 5's release coincides with the season. You'll fly through the course at high speeds while handling corners, which makes it a bit different from Hakone. There are some very difficult spots right before the goal, and these races are going to be intense.

We've packed Wangan Maximum 5 with stuff like this for players who love the Local Arcade Versus Battle Mode. I'm hoping you'll go and play with your friends!

There are preparations for new, stylish cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz which are not available in the Japanese version as well as plans for Local Arcade Challenges and Online Champion Matches to be held at any time. It's not just Local Arcade Versus Battle which has been enhanced.

Wangan Maximum 5 is packed full of great things that I hope you'll enjoy!