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Maximum Tune 5 is now available!

A message from Wangan series producer Kazuhiro Maeda for the North American release of Maximum Tune 5, available now!

Hello, my name is Kazuhiro Maeda. I am the producer for the Wangan series.
I’m happy to announce that the North American release of Maximum Tune 5 is finally here.

We haven’t released a new Wangan game in North America since Maximum Tune 3, so we know it’s been quite a wait. But I think it will be worth it, as we’ve crammed Maximum Tune 5 full of new and improved features.

Also, there’s someone else I would like to introduce: CJ, who is in charge of the North American release. Here he is!

We have heard your voices!
Maxitune is coming to the US and
I am ecstatic to be a part of such a passionate community!

CJ’s mission is to make Maximum Tune 5 the No. 1 racing game in all of North America!
He’s excited, and is visiting locations all over America to promote the game. So if you see him, be sure to say hi and share your opinions about the game!

If you want special events held in America, or you want me (Maeda) and Takenaka to make an appearance overseas, or you want cooler BANAPASSPORT cards, be sure to tell CJ. He’s there to listen to your ideas and make them a reality!

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the new and exciting Maximum Tune 5 to the fullest!