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Wangan Maximum Tune 5DX Release

This is Maeda, the producer of Wangan Maximum Tune 5DX.

The English version of the game is finally ready for you to play! Thank you for all your patience.

This time, we made the English version of Wangan Maximum Tune 5DX so that it would match the Japanese version. This has allowed us to add some long-requested new features, such as "Maxi shop system" and "Maxi G", as well as a large number of previously unseen car models. The game also features a vast number of famous classic Japanese cars not often seen abroad, so if one catches your eye, please try using it as your chosen car!

In the future, the development team and I hope to visit a number of locations around the world to see everyone’s play-style and to participate in Wangan Maximum events, so we would love to hear about your experiences playing and any requests you have for the game. However, a lot of the developers (especially Motomura) are far less skilled in battle matches than all you, so please go easy on us!

Wangan Maximum Tune 5DX is bigger and better than ever!
We hope you enjoy the game!