Special Contents

Special Contents Vol.1

9 Big Updates for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

New Courses Added

Kobe Area 'Hanshin Expressway R3/Harbor road'

A new racing course in Kobe, the preeminent harbor of Japan, is available!
This course is characterized by the beautiful tourist scenery contrasted with the rugged sights of a harbor town, and its various points for exciting competition! The combination of various elements from previous courses creates a layout guaranteed to deliver intense competition for you to enjoy!


Sub-center Area 'Shibuya/Shinjuku Line' 'Ikebukuro Line/Yamate Tunnel'

This is a metropolitan area that runs through Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, the sub-center of Tokyo! With clusters of skyscrapers, the blind curves of the Yamate Tunnel, residential areas, narrow roads, tight sections and straightaways, Tokyo is a city with much to offer and well worth driving through.


Massive Addition of New Car Models

A expansive number of highly individualistic cars, new and old from Japan, America and Europe, have been added! And there are more to come in future updates!


Maxi G and Maxi Shop Additions!

The Dress-Up Parts Point System used up through Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 has been reworked into Maxi G and the Maxi Shop!
Now there are more ways to obtain dress-up parts.


Maxi G is accumulated through all cars on the same BANAPASSPORT CARD and can be used for any car on that BANAPASSPORT CARD!


You can use the accumulated Maxi G to get any dress-up parts you want from the Maxi Shop!


Massive Addition of Dress-Up Parts

Many variations of body kits, hoods, stickers, and wheels have been added that allow you customize the exterior of your car any way you want.


Stamps and Shuttles Added to Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode

More and more functions are being added to Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode!
Win or lose, you will be sent a stamp as proof of someone racing against your online ghost, and a stamp will be sent when you challenge someone's ghost. A shuttle is created when you and another person each send each other a stamp! Based on the number of stamps on your stamp sheet and the number of shuttles you have created, you can earn titles, stamp designs, and terminal backgrounds as rewards!


Earned stamps can be changed on the terminal unit car data screen.


(*With the addition of these features, the challenge and revenge features have been discontinued.)

Terminal Unit Background Additions

By sending stamps back and forth to create shuttles, you can earn terminal backgrounds which can be used with your cars on the terminals.


Japan Challenge Renewed

The popular mode, Japan Challenge, has been remade and is now easier to play!
Now you can select a challenger from up to five cars with a level similar to yours, instead of the one car per level. Also, seasonal motifs have been added to increase the enjoyment of each round. The titles and Online Challenge stickers that you can earn have also been updated.


In regards to the renewal of the Wangan Maximum 5DX Japan Challenge:
* In order to promote fairness, everyone will start from block 1, region 1.
* All items earned through the Wangan Maximum 5 Japan Challenge will be saved.
* The level reached in the Wangan Maximum 5 Japan Challenge will be reflected.

Ghost Battle Trophy Backgrounds Added

Just as with the Outrun Star background, a background has been added to display your Ghost Battle Trophies!


New Background Music Added

Yuzo Koshiro, one of the leading game music composers in Japan, has created Wangan trance!
Music with a fresh take on the Wangan world has also been added to this version!

This version is filled with new courses, cars, and competition, as well as the continuation of popular modes and online events!
We hope you'll enjoy the evolution found in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX!

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX in the Indonesia Region will operate on its own exclusive network.
This means that:
・In the "Online Ghost VS Battle Mode," all competitors will be from within the Indonesia Region.
・Data cards from outside the Indonesia Region cannot be used with Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX machines inside the Indonesia Region.