Online Events Information

VS Other Region Ghost Event: VS Australia has begun!

Event Period Dec.8 06:00 - 27 23:00 (JST)
After-hours Festival period Dec.27 23:00 - Jan.11 03:00 (JST)

*You must have 20 Ghost Trophies to join this event.

A new online event for Wangan Maxi 5DX Plus has been added.
In this event, you'll be able to face off against ghosts from countries that are normally unavailable in order to get great prizes. The first challenge will be against Australia.
Play against ghosts from various countries to collect event-exclusive items.

Introducing some of the items you can get in this event!

Name plate 「Australia」


Stamp 「Steampunk」


Race meter 「Steampunk」


You can equip any new items you obtain on the screen below.

Stamp [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Car Data Confirmation (Go to page 5)] → [Change Stamp]
Name Plate [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Event Menu] → [Change Name Plate]
Race meter [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Car Data Confirmation (Go to page 8)]
*Race meters can also be changed via the car data confirmation screen in the driver unit.

Enjoy the After-hours Festival after the event finishes, too!

Cars that were used in the event at the same venue will get an After-hours Festival mark for their ghost. Challenging ghosts with this mark will give you bonus MAXI G.
Get your bonuses and send lots of stamps to your opponents!