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The engine started with a roar!!!

Hey all of you Wangan Runners out there around the globe, how's it riding?
I'm YAMASHITA, a producer on the game.

I am absolutely certain all of you have been looking forward to this very day, am I right?
Sorry for making you wait so long!
But here it is at last! Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX PLUS, right in your neighborhood!
So go on then, get out there and hit the road with your favorite cars!

Once you've had your fill of that, next up we've got MONSTERS to talk about!
First up, from the king of sports cars, we have Lamborghini's "Aventador" and the legendary super machine "Countach".
Then, from over here in Japan, we have the old and new Honda NSX series, starting with the "NA1" which took the world by storm in the 1990s, and the all new NC1 hybrid sports car that has revived the series today!
Think you can handle these beautiful, ferocious MONSTERS?

Plus, you've got an all-new course waiting for you to tear up.
Coming at you from western Japan, get ready for the Hiroshima expressway.
Get out there and enjoy the thrill of racing right through the city!
(And just so you know, Hiroshima is the home of the rotary engine!)

Ah! And we can't forget the new music now, can we?
Music is a huge part of the games that we make, after all!
I'm sure you've all felt the urge to push the pedal to the metal whenever one of our tracks comes on.
Well, we've got yet another song that's a perfect soundtrack for your races!

Of course we're also going to keep running online events, but guess what?!
We're going to be actually heading out to places near you again someday, too!

Just make sure you're at peak performance by the time we do, because we're looking to have some intense battles and see a whole lot of smiling faces when we do!

So, who's the fastest of them all?

I'll see you again when we come out your way!