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Terimakasih telah menunggu, akhirnya edisi bahasa Indonesia telah terbit!

Halo semua orang Indonesia! Perkenalkan, saya direktur Oomi. 

Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas kesabarannya menunggu edisi ini.

Everyone will finally be able to get their hands on the newest addition "5DX PLUS," which rolls out in Indonesia on 10/5.

We want to thank you for waiting patiently.

As you may already know, we have for you four types of "high-speed monster" vehicles, the new Hiroshima course, and new music, all adding up to an update chock-full of high-octane excitement.

Please race to your heart's content!

Of course, the "VS Overseas Players Event" that was held in August in Japan will also be coming to Indonesia (and to the Asian version too).

This event lets you play against players in regions that are normally inaccessible, and will have lots of limited edition items.

We are thinking of doing it around the end of the year, so keep an eye out for it!

The producer Yamashita also said this the first time, but members of our team will be heading to many different countries to watch you play.

Please let us know what you think about the game then!

ah saudara-saudara sekalian, saya menanti-nantikan selalu untuk bertemu lagi dengan Anda di Indonesia!