C1 Inward

Total Length:13.8km


This course surrounds the center of Tokyo.
You can enjoy seeing scenes from the capital city such as business centers, Ginza, long tunnels and Tokyo Tower.

Course layout

Many big and small corners appear in front of you in sequence, and you might see the bridge piers on the streets of Ginza.
This course layout is full of variety, and the more advanced your tuning gets, and the faster the average speed of your car gets, the more difficult the corners will become.
If you are not familiar with this course, we recommend focusing on handling tuning in order to complete the difficult corners.


Course Guide

1.Entrance to Chiyoda Tunnel

You should drop speed and run carefully through the tight corner.

2.Around Kandabashi

Right and left corners appear in succession between the buildings in the business district. Although most of the corners are easy, you should be careful not to lose control of the steering on the rough road.

3.Edobashi Branching, C1_Inward Side

A difficult area that requires hard braking!
The corners get harder and harder, so you should get into the inner lane a little later so you can get out of it easily.

4.Ginza Area Northbound, Latter Half

A thrilling point with three successive bridge piers! If you run smack into the bridge pier, you'll waste a lot of time. It may be better to crash into the wall. Just before the last bridge pier is the top of the slope, so you may lose control over your car at this mega-difficult point!
Make sure to keep your speed down until you are familiar with this tricky spot.

5.Ginza Area Northbound, First Half

The concrete surrounding the course makes it oppressing and difficult Finding the best line is vital at the successive tight S-shaped corners.

6-1.Hamazakibashi Branching, C1_Inward Side

This sharply dropping road makes you lose the feeling of the ground. Do not race too fast! If your positioning and car control are perfect, you can feel good driving through at high velocity.

6-2.Hamazakibashi Branching, C1_Inward Side

When you can see the monorail you're almost there!

7.Tokyo Tower

A Tokyo landmark, Tokyo Tower.
Check out the illuminated scenes at night.