Ikebukuro Line/Yamate Tunnel

Total Length:20.4km


Together with the stretching distance of the Yamate Tunnel, the calm and quiet of Route 5 as it begins to blend into the suburbs a little ways outside of the city give this course a distinct scenic character.

Course layout

Even though you’ll find a series of corners in the middle of Route 5 which demand a degree of skill, this is a chance to enjoy the rhythm of fast-car racing. The high-speed zone in the Yamate Tunnel is actually a “non-linear” section, meaning it has a slight twisting curvature that you’ll need to be on guard for.

Course Guide

1.Near Waseda

A long straight stretch lined with gradual turns, you’ll have a good block of time to go full throttle here. Your best bet is to burn down this section at max power.


This area is the center of the urban streets, with the glitter of department store neon and skyscrapers come night.

3.Yamate Tunnel / Toward Shinjuku

Though you can get up to a good speed in the tunnel, this section isn’t the straight shot you might think it is, so be careful not to make any careless mistakes.

4.Multiple S-sections

With three turns that are sharp only coming in and coming out, this compounded series of S-turns is incredibly tricky to pull off. Find a racing line and rhythm that’ll let you get through without dropping your speed.

5.Near Yoyogi

Once you’re past the buildings of the Shinjuku neighborhood, the route gets quite technical with a section twisting right then left. This is where drivers’ racing lines and machine control really make themselves known.

6.Near Gaien

Showing up in the space between technical corner sections, this is a long stretch that lets you take a bit of a breather. A railway line runs parallel beside the course, here.