Hanshin Expressway loop Line

Total Length:18.7km


This line runs through the very center of downtown Osaka.
There is a huge amount of variety in this course, with oddly-shaped impressive buildings, and many changes in the width of the road.

Course layout

Each corner has its own characteristics that require specialized techniques.
The corners are connected by long straight lines, so there is a huge speed range in this course. Because the width and slope of the roads are always different, You need all-round skills to win in this course.


Course Guide

1.Nakanoshima S-shaped area

A technical right-left-right S-shaped corner appears here.
Focus on the hardest corner, the last one, and decide on what lane and in what rhythm you will race through the first and second corners.


The tightest corner in Hanshin Expressway loop Line!
Start braking just after landing at the jump spot at the corner entrance!


You jump then you will find a tight corner immediately.

3-1.Route 13, to Higashi Osaka Line

It is a tight twisting corner, but not as difficult as it looks because it is a rising road.
However, you cannot be careless at the exit. It is a jump spot!

3-2.Route 13, to Higashi Osaka Line

There is a jump spot just after you pass through the corner.

4.Higashi-Senba JCT 3-lane S-curve

The road is wide and looks simple at first glance, but it’s a difficult area in which you can lose lots of speed in you don’t get in line properly! Be sure to take advantage of the wide road and take a wide line to avoid losing speed!

5.Wide straight line

Wide straight line with four lanes. Deal skillfully with the many official cars in the road.

6.Near Minatomachi

Very sharp and narrow corner. The looming walls make it difficult for you to read the lines.
If you can exit this corner at high velocity, it will lead to better times along the next long straight.

7.Route 15, to Sakai Line

Banked corner with wide lanes.
Pick up speed at the exit making use of the gradient of the road!

8.Near Yuhigaoka

This area has the narrowest lane of all areas in Wangan Maxi 3!
Be careful about the walls looming in on the right and left.

9.Nanba S-shaped area

There are consecutive corners, but once you decide on your line, you can race through at nearly full speed!

10.Near Ebisu-cho

Right-angled corner which slows your speed down.
Early braking and "Slow in and Fast out" is necessary for getting better times.