C1 Outward

Total Length:13.8km


This course is basically the same as C1 inner in that the course runs through characteristic buildings in the capital city.
However you will see a different face of the city, as you will be coming from the opposite direction.

Course layout

It is basically very similar to C1_Inward, however, it is slightly different; the car's average speed is a little higher, and there are many double corners that are key points for winning the race.
Control over cornering is vital in the C1 areas, so you should focus on handling tuning.


Course Guide

1-1.Exit of Chiyoda Tunnel

There is a very tight corner, so you need to open the throttle or brake in order to change the car's direction. You do have to maintain your concentration at the next corner as well. "Out of the frying pan into the fire". Keep this phrase in mind.

1-2.Exit of Chiyoda Tunnel

Players tend to lose their concentration at this point. You should take care until you have passed through.

2.Edobashi Branching, C1_Outward Side

Sharp double apex corner.
Step on the brakes hard and reduce your speed.

3.Ginza Area Southbound, First Half

In this area, three bridge piers appear in succession. Especially after the first one, you will be facing a sudden difficult corner!
This corner will be easy if you run over the bridge from the left side.

4.Ginza Area Southbound, latter Half

Two hard S-shaped corners appear in succession.
You should be careful at the S-shaped corner in Shiodome Tunnel because the second corner is very difficult.

5.Hamazakibashi Branching, C1_Outward Side

Tight right corner.
You can pass through easily by reducing your speed.

6.Exit of Kasumigaseki Tunnel

Be careful not to lose the feeling of the ground at the top of the slope!
If you drive through too fast, you may lose control, so you need to race carefully.