Fukuoka Urban Expressway

Total Length:16.8km


In this course, you drive from east to west in Fukuoka city center through various landscapes such as an urban area, the airport, the ocean front and many more.
Continuous high-speed undulating corners going up and down are provided in combination with longer straight zones.

Course layout

Although there are many two-lane road sections, the road width in this course is wider than the other urban courses. Therefore, you feel like you have a relatively wide space while driving. The critical point for conquering this course is whether you can drive with a rhythm, finding out where the line of the high-speed continuous corners is. Depending on the settings, the course requires a handling technique to be able to hold on without losing any time in the high-speed corners.


Course Guide

1-1.Tsukiguma Exit

Two continuous jumps right after getting into the frontage road.

1-2.Tsukiguma Exit

Be on guard at the loop corner right after those jumps.

2.Airport Area

The zone to run through while glancing sideways at the airport facilities or airplanes. The easy corner and long straight line in this area make you really speed up.

3.Chidoribashi Junction

The characteristic sharp corner where opposite lanes curve while crossing above and below! To turn through this corner, place your machine to the side while reducing speed before the corner and keep the drift.

4.Tenjinkita Ent/Exit Area

Continuous high-speed corners with heavy ups and downs undulating left and right. Characteristic zone which represents Fukuoka Urban Expressway!

5.Aratsu Bridge

Aratsu Bridge crossing over Hakata Port. Not only is this bridge stylish; but also its surrounding view from a high altitude is quite exquisite.

6.Ocean Front Area

Ballpark and first-class hotels on your right. Excellent ocean view on your left. Scenic beauty spot.

7.Momochi Area

A sharp square corner appears. Use the "Slow-in and Fast-out" method to steadily turn through this corner.

8.Meinohama to Atago zone

The 1-km long straight line. The key to running fast through this zone is to develop your escape speed at the corner before moving into the straight line.

9.Fukushige Ent/Exit

The loop corner which merges into the entrance again once you are out from the Fukushige Exit. Maintain the long-distant drift and keep the speed.