Shibuya/Shinjuku Line

Total Length:16.2km


Going along Route 3 and 4 from the C1 district, this route connects Tokyo’s downtown, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of views—skyscrapers, downtown shops, and government offices contrasting with a long tunnel section.

Course layout

The most distinctive part of the course is the Ohashi Junction’s massive loop, which spirals in on itself countless times. Route 4 features a chain of tight sections that’ll put your handling to work, but over on Route 3 there are more than a few extra-long runs where your engine power will shine through. Your settings will vary depending on which one you want to put your strategic focus on.


Course Guide

1.S-section Before Ohashi Junction 

Just before you plunge into the big loop, you’ll need to navigate the S-section. It twists along with a distinct rhythm, so commit this section to memory and make sure you’re comfortable with it.

2.Near Takagicho

This is Route 3’s distinctive long, straight stretch. It cuts a straight line across Roppongi, so go all out at top speed!

3.Near Asasaka-Mitsuke

Found right after Route 4 opens up, this is a tricky, technical S-section. The two corners here curve differently, so make sure to plan for their best and worst points.

4.Shinjuku Junction

Never mind anything else: this is where the course gets narrow! This tight section breaks into right-angle turns, so kill your speed carefully to make your way through.

5.Yamate Tunnel / Toward Route 3

This tunnel stretches on for ages, so make sure you don’t crack under the pressure from the walls surrounding you.