Hakone Outbound

Total Length:8.4km


It is totally different from the bustling city area; you can race in the midst of nature in the early summer.
It's amazing to see Mt. Fuji through the gaps in the bright green woods! At night, you can enjoy the night views of the foot of the mountain.

Course layout

You need good technique for this roller coaster-like course, with its intermittent low speed curves and steep ups and downs.
As your tuning improves, you will need to improve your car control to keep up.
It's normal to focus on handling tuning, but it's really satisfying to all out for power-focused tuning!


Course Guide


You can race on the road shoulder at some part of this course!
Maybe you can shorten your time?


Awkward-shaped corner, but you can pass through at high velocity if you keep a straight line.

3.Consecutive Tight Corners

Just after passing through the high speed area, There is an area with consecutive technical narrow corners.
As there are many double corners, positioning is very important!

4.High Speed Area

This is where you can accelerate most!
Steeps ups and downs, and release from gravity at the top of the slope. You have to control your car well here.