Hiroshima Area:Hiroshima Expressway

Hiroshima Expressway

Total Length:16.6km


A varied course that runs through urban, industrial, suburban, and coastal areas.
It's a feature-filled course that sports chicanes, toll gates, long straight stretches, S-turns, and even right-angle corners with jumps.

Course layout

This course is full of different twists and turns, so you will want to make sure you are set for handling, but it also features a number of long straight stretches, so you should make sure you have the speed you need, too.

Hiroshima Expressway

Course Guide

1.Tunnel Entrance S-turn

This S-turn stands right before the road merges back into the elevated section in the north. You will need to watch your racing line and rhythm.

2.Under the Train Tracks

The bullet train runs atop this long straight stretch.

3.Niho JCT Route 3 Right-angle Corner

This is a tough section where you will hit a jump spot right as you come in from a narrow forked road and then immediately face a right-angle turn!
You will need to slow down before you hit the jump while also making sure to come in at an angle so as to be ready for the right-angle corner as soon as you hit the ground. It's all about timing in this spot.

4.Ujina Bridge

Lit up in green, Ujina Bridge is the defining feature of Route 3. This course runs straight, and the wide roads provide plenty of chances to pass by your opponents.

5.Ujina Interchange

The Ujina Exit leads out into a complex loop that decreases in curvature the further you go.
You'll need to control your car carefully here.

6.Shopping Mall

Located near the Mazda Ujina East Factory. Looks like they're shooting the new Roadster that's on display.

7.Route 3 Construction Zone

A portion of this long straight stretch is broken up by a chicane, so try and find a racing line where you can zip through at top speed.

8.Kaita Ohashi Bridge Tight Turns

After racing full speed across the S-shaped Kaita Ohashi Bridge, you will hit a series of tight turns. Finding a racing line here is tough, but there is a way to get through it at top speed, so don't give up!

9.Saka Tollgate

Once you come out of the tunnel, you will come to the tollgate along the long curve. Head through the center booth and you'll be fine, but be careful because it comes up at a blind turn right into a 300km/h area!

10.Niho JCT

Ride above the ocean as you race straight downhill towards Kure. Go full speed!

11.Niho Interchange

An S-turn that pops up after a high-speed long straight stretch. Be careful though, the road gets narrow around the second curve.