Kanagawa Area

Total Length:48.7km


This long course cuts vertically through the highest speed area in Kanagawa Prefecture, from the bottom of the Yokohane line up through the Minato Mirai area to the eastbound Wangan Line.

Course layout

The high-speed area comes together at several characteristic corners, and even with more powerful settings keeping your speed while exiting the corners is the most fundamental strategy.


Course Guide

1.Oi JCT

A sudden right-angled corner appears in an instant just after passing through the Oi tollgate, heading straight for the sky!
Approaching it with your load about to fly off requires real technique.

2.Daikoku JCT

Fly all the way through this gradual, super high-speed 3-lane area crossing from Rainbow Bridge to Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge!
The Loop Line heading in all directions provides for unique scenery.