Hanshin Expressway R3/Harbor road

Total Length:19.1km


A challenging route, this course weaves a tricky trail of high-speed zones through the famous scenery of the port city Kobe, enveloped by mountains and ocean waters. The entire scope of your driving skills will be put to the test by a wide range of challenging points, including elevation differences, multiple corners, toll gates, chicanes, and more. Race past sundown to get your fill of Kobe’s ten million-dollar nightscape! Enjoy the feeling of racing through the diamond glitter of the city at night.

Course layout

There’s a lot of variety in the types of corners in this course. The racing line is punishing and the tough points come at you one after another, making this the place to really lay out a strategy. For your settings, it’s probably safest to err toward handling for better maneuvering at the corners. Start by getting a grip on the key points of the course, then gradually increase your overall speed while building up your racing line.


Course Guide

1.Near Shinkocho

This is the heart of the city, and everything hear screams “Kobe!”, from the tower and the sculptures to the Ferris wheel.

2.Next to the Shopping Facilities

Just after the left turn is a massive right return loop. Being nimble with the timing on your steering here is key!

3-1.Ikutagawa Ramp to the Minatojima Tunnel

Just after making it through the right-angle corner immediately after the Maya Exit, you’ll be confronted with the high-speed chicane at the tunnel entrance! The wall penalty is quite steep if you make a mistake, so make sure to keep to the racing line.

3-2.Ikutagawa Ramp to the Minatojima Tunnel
4.Kobe Ohashi Bridge

From Port Island, you’ll make your way back to the mainland looking out on the night scenery. The road widens out, so this is your chance to overtake!

5-1.Maya Wharf

Not only is the entrance to the elevated road narrow, as soon as you squeeze through the upper left turn you’ll be facing the tollgate! It’s a real nasty patch. Your racing line and your rhythm make or break this section. Don’t slip a bit while you make your way through this gauntlet!

5-2.Maya Wharf
6.Higashinada Ward

Turn your view downwards and you’ll see the light of the residential areas clustered along the mountainside. The “million dollar night view” name isn’t just for show.

7.Takaha Ohashi Bridge

This bridge runs high up over the seawater in the harbor district. In the Kobe area, there are many bridges that span the sea.

8-1.Right-angle Corner

As soon as you’re over Rokko Ohashi Bridge, the road narrows and you enter the area’s largest deceleration section. Come in too fast and you’ll actually end up worse for it. Once the gas station on the left comes into view, get ready to break!

8-2.Right-angle Corner
9-1.Hanshin Expressway Entrance

Right after you get through the tollgate, you’ll have a multiple low-speed corner section going left, then right, then left. Judge the best and worst of each corner and get through with pinpoint steering.

9-2.Hanshin Expressway Entrance
10.Maya Toll Gate

Halfway through the left turn and a tollgate shows up! When you include the right turn immediately afterwards, this is a seriously tricky section for keeping to your racing line. At the turn before the tollgate, don’t come in on the inside: you’ll need to nudge your racing line somewhat toward the outside. An exclamation mark will appear as a warning beforehand, so make sure you’re prepared to make it in!