Nagoya Speed Ring

Total Length:14.9km


This course, circling clockwise around the government buildings and skyscrapers in the center of Nagoya City, takes you on an up-and-down roller coaster ride.
With long straights and high visibility, you can be sure it's a high-speed area.

Course layout

Although the course diagram make it look like a long simple oval, the course is actually a high-speed area packed with corners, undulating roads, banks and altitude changes that mean you'll need superb machine control.
You may be tempted to up the power settings for the long straights, but your speed out of corners will affect your overall time. You'll need to get a good handling balance to master this course.


Course Guide

1.Meidocho Junction

The sharpest corner in the course.
The corner is sharp, but the exit is wide. Use this feature skilfully, exit at top speed and master this section!

2.Shinsuzaki Junction Area

The crank shaped corners that appear midway through the long straights can be cleared at full throttle if you nail the best line.
The roads get narrower here, maybe making it a decisive point in battles.

3-1.Sannobashi Area

Three-lane high speed corners.
The dips in the road as you move into the corners might throw you off a bit, but make sure to keep your nerve.

3-2.Sannobashi Area

Don't forget that there are jump spots at the corner exits too!

4.Higashibetsuin Exit Area

An area with two successive sharp corners.
The line that links the two corners is what you're after.

5.Tsurumai South Junction

The corners look harsh, but you can take them at close to full throttle thanks to the high banks.
But watch out. The road is tighter than in the high-speed areas.

6.Long Southbound Straight

A long wide straight with 3 or 4 lanes. Piling on the speed down the long straights is the key to improving your time!

7-1.Higashikataha Junction

Deep turns around drift corners await you here. The condition of the road at the entry to the corners is poor - make sure you don't slide out!

7-2.Higashikataha JunctionT

If you go just over the edge coming out the corner at the Toshincho exit you can seize the shortest line!

8.Marunouchi Area

Straight-line areas let you take in the government areas, towers and other characteristic Nagoya buildings as you run through the course.
When night falls, orange illuminations light the course.