New Belt Line(counter-clockwise)

Total Length:17.5km


There are a lot of high speed areas, such as Route 9 Fukagawa line, Route 11 Daiba line and Wangan Line. The range of speed in Wangan Line is extremely high because of its long straight roads. You can run though the Expressway's new spot - Rainbow Bridge - in this course.

Course layout

Because the Ginza area, with its difficult corners, appears between high-speed areas, you have to consider the balance of these different areas in your tuning.
If you focus on tuning for straight roads, you will have to compete at the narrow Ginza area using just your driving skills!


Course Guide

1.Edobashi Branching, New Belt Left

Very difficult area with a small radius and doubled layout.
Drop your speed and make a plan for positioning and passing through.

2.Hamazakibashi Branching, towards the City Center

There is a tight corner near the entrance, but you can pass through the exit at high velocity.

3.Route 9 Fukagawa line

The Fukagawa line runs straight through a residential area.
Some middle-speed corners will appear between the straight lines.
This is where you show your racing skill!

4.Wangan Line, to Tatsumi

You can drive fast on this long straight line.

5.The Approach to Rainbow Bridge

On the Approach to Rainbow Bridge, you will find beautiful fireworks.
But there is a sharp double corner at the exit. Be careful not to be caught in this trap.
Get into the inner lane a litter later!

6.Ginza Area Southbound, latter Half

Two hard S-shaped corners appear in succession. You should be careful at the S-shaped corner in Shiodome Tunnel because the second corner is very difficult.

7.Ginza Area Southbound, First Half

In this area, three bridge piers appear in succession. Especially after the first one, you will be facing a sudden difficult corner! This corner will be easy if you run over the bridge from the left side.