New Belt Line (clockwise)

Total Length:22.8km


The Wangan Line is the ultimate in long straight roads, and you will need to race faster here than on any other course.
This course is perfect if you want to feel the tension that comes with ultra high speed! There is a huge variety of scenery, like Tokyo Port tunnel, the factory areas, and the fascinating Daiba

Course layout

The Wangan Line requires true power, and deciding how and when to overtake official cars is essential for winning here. And how you race in the technically difficult Ginza area that appears between high speed areas is a key to winning.


Course Guide

1.Near the Kiba exit

And the picture shows a double corner with a tight exit.
If you get into the inner lane too fast, you will be crushed against the wall at the exit. Exact positioning is the key to winning here!

2.Ginza Area Northbound, Latter Half

A thrilling point with three successive bridge piers! If you run smack into the bridge pier, you'll waste a lot of time. It may be better to crash into the wall. Just before the last bridge pier is the top of the slope, so you may lose control over your car at this mega-difficult point!
Make sure to keep your speed down until you are familiar with this tricky spot.

3.Ginza Area Southbound, First Half

In this area, three bridge piers appear in succession. Especially after the first one, you will be facing a sudden difficult corner! This corner will be easy if you run over the bridge from the left side.

4.Wangan Line, to Ohi

Colorful Wangan Line with an illuminated Ferris wheel. This ultra high speed straight line requires true power!
Since there are so many official cars, Get ahead of them by using good judgment!

5.Tokyo Port Tunnel

1300m Harbor tunnel running under Tokyo Port. This is the famous spot where Kuroki said "My R is dying".

6-1.Ohi U-turn

Two linked tight corners create a U-turn. The slope at the first corner makes it difficult to see ahead. You need to be careful!
Your escape velocity at the second corner decides your speed at the next straight line.

6-2.Ohi U-turn

When the number of lanes decreases and a slope appears, the top of that slope will be a corner.