Mt.Taikan Uphill

Total Length:12.1km


Mt.Taikan is an extremely steep hill climb. It's a technical mountain course with a vehicle speed range higher than the normal Hakone course. The foot of the mountain is also decorated with autumn leaves and Japanese silver grass.

Course layout

There are a variety of corners, each requiring their own strategy and kept challenging due to the high speed range. Judging the continuous back and forth turns will especially be a measure of player skill.


Course Guide

1.Loop Bridge

With its stunning red girders, this loop bridge makes for steep corners when coming off of the high speed section.

2.Parking Lot

Some sort of filming is going on in this parking lot under the falling autumn leaves.

3.Construction Section

The corner exit and outer side above the line make the Construction Section extremely narrow. Watch out for collisions.

4.Rest Stop Section

Once you see the rest stop surrounded by stones, the following area is a twisty section of corner after corner.

5.High-Speed Straight Road Section

This section gives the perfect opportunity to go full throttle for a long time.


An upwards climbing return point. Small corners appear one after another in this section. In particular, watch out for the difference in elevation after coming in from the high speed section!