Mt.Taikan Downhill

Total Length:12.8km


This is a reverse of the climbing route. This downhill course offers occasional glimpses of the ocean and the cityscape along with a beautiful night view.

Course layout

In addition to the original technical layout, descending increases the driving speed and ups the required amount of skill. Also, in addition to the twisty folded loop at the foot of the mountain, there is a toll gate which can become the deciding point of the race.


Course Guide

1.Silver Grass Field

The wide field of Japanese silver grass gives this section a spectacular autumn sensation.

2.Evacuation Zone

The downward corners of the evacuation zone are particularly difficult. Go down the path utilizing the road width.

3.Autumnal Leaves Area

The three lane wide corners are basked in light. Watch out for poor road conditions.

4.High-Speed Base Section

A high-speed corner section appears as you near the foot of the mountain when heading down. The increased speed from descending makes it quite difficult!


A tollgate at the foothills. Make sure not to collide with it!

6.Downwards Return Loop

Once you return to the city district, it loops back. The extremely twisty nature here requires quick reflexes for steering.