Tokyo Area

Total Length:59.8km


An extremely long course that goes through all the metropolitan Expressway areas. It takes a long time to complete, so it is important to maintain your concentration until you finish the race.

Course layout

At the Edobashi bridge and Hamazaki branching points, the branching direction is different from other lines. The corners at the branching points are difficult sudden corners that provide the key to winning the race.


Course Guide

1.Edobashi branching, straight line to the west

The corner which usually turns to left branches in a straight direction.
The corner appearing just after the branching point is an intricately-shaped double corner. Choosing the best line is the best strategy.

2.Hamazakibashi branching, left corner to the west

The corner which usually goes straight branches to the left.
Excessive speed results in time-wasting! Appropriate speed reduction is a key to winning at this corner.