Wangan Line(eastbound)

Total Length:21.6km


This line connects the port areas of Kanagawa and Tokyo.
This course has three lanes and is surrounded by giant buildings. The wide open spaces make for a liberating race.

Course layout

The straight road continues without end and your car's speed will get more than 300 km/ if it is fully tuned.
This is a truly ultra high speed course! Since the acceleration is extreme, you may fail in some asperities or be crushed if you are dropping your guard.


Course Guide

1.Ohi Tollgate

Entrance to the Tokyo area from the Metropolitan Expressway.

2.Airport Tunnel

Large tunnel running through under Haneda Airport. Sometimes you can see the sky through the gaps.

3.Near Ohgishima

Long long straight line with three lanes.

4.Tsurumi Tsubasa Bashi

Wangan Line is symbolized by this giant bridge.