Yaesu Line Inward

Total Length:17.3km


The track passes high through C1, going through lines of buildings and a tunnel near Tokyo Station. The tightness of the course and the dizzying changes of scenery are its special features.

Course layout

High-difficulty corners, tightness reminiscent of the C1 Ginza area, and numerous toll booths require a high level of skill in this technical area! Ability to handle right angles will be important.


Course Guide

1.West Ginza Toll Booth

At the West Ginza JCT, when heading toward Yaesu, there is a toll booth right after a fork in the road! Watch out for collisions!

2.Kandabashi JCT Merge Area

The rising corner that joins C1 has a jump spot in the latter half and is very difficult.

3.Kyobashi JCT Merge Area

Right before the merge, there is a jumping spot. And the road is very narrow, so be careful of the walls !

4.Kyobashi Toll Booth

Immediately after the toll booth, a right corner appears in this difficult spot! You will have to concentrate to avoid crashing here.

5.Yurakucho Area

This is the most colorful place in the heart of the city! The neon sparkles brilliantly.

6.Dobashi Entrance Area

There are some difficult right-angle corners. You will enter at high speed, so braking is key !