Yaesu Line Outward

Total Length:15.3km


Just like the Yaesu Line Inward direction it goes through buildings and tunnels.
In lively places like the shopping district, the night lights are a must-see.

Course layout

Just like the inward direction, it is a layout that requires a fair amount of skill, but with corner approaches from the opposite direction, it necessitates a different strategy.


Course Guide

1-1.Kyobashi JCT Area

Going up a steep slope, you merge with the Yaesu lineLine, but right after the climb is a 90-degree corner, so be prepared!

1-2.Kyobashi JCT Area
2-1.Yaesu Tunnel Exit Area

Right after a fast S-curve there is a toll booth, so don't run into it.

2-2.Yaesu Tunnel Exit Area
3.Ginza-Shinbashi Area

This area runs alongside the bullet train. The road is particularly narrow here!

4-1.Shiodome Toll Booth

If you get through the gate without colliding, you'll find C1's familiar Shiodome S-curve. The entrance to the S-curve is different, so you'll have to work out a different line.

4-2.Shiodome Toll Booth
5.Kandabashi JCT Area

A corner going into the Yaesu Tunnel. Visibility is poor, and there is a jump at the entrance, so it is difficult to see the best path.