Minato Mirai Inward

Total Length:15.2km


This course runs through the Yokohama City Wangan Area.
The scenery changes rapidly, featuring the famous Bay Bridge and Marine Tower, as well as underground tunnel areas and more.

Course layout

The gentle and speedy area comes together at several characteristic corners, and even with more powerful settings keeping your speed while exiting the corners is the most fundamental strategy.


Course Guide

1.Namamugi Exit Area

When lit up, the structures in this uniquely-shaped industrial area look magical, especially at night.

2.Bay Bridge

The biggest highlight of the Minato Mirai area! Rely on speed to fly through the long straightaway piercing through the huge bridge supports in one burst.


Right in the middle of the Port of Yokohama. With the large commercial vessels parked there, it really gives off the feeling of a port town.

4-1.Ishikawacho JCT/Toward Shin-Yamashita

A right-angle corner appears as soon as you leave the tunnel. It's hard to read the line, but that line is affected by your speed when exiting.

4-2.Ishikawacho JCT/Toward Shin-Yamashita

Once the tunnel exit comes into view, you're almost there!

5.Tunnel Area

Although it is an underground area, flashes of the sky and buildings through the gaps in the ceiling and the view of the opposing lanes through the pillars give this a surprisingly open feel.

6.In-tunnel S-shaped Corners/Inner

Tough banks continue on both the left and right sides in this S-shaped area. The unevenness in the road after exiting the final left corner is pretty tricky, so be careful not to get blown into the outer wall.

7.Minato Mirai Area

A variety of buildings stand tall here, including the huge and intrepid Landmark Tower.