Minato Mirai Outward

Total Length:15.2km


As with the "Minato Mirai (Inner)", you can fly comfortably through the scenery of this port town at high speeds on this Yokohama Wangan area course.

Course layout

As with the Inner course, the layout consists of each corner connected by high speed areas, but the difference in elevation is the opposite of the Inner course, so you must be careful in areas where grip becomes unstable.


Course Guide

1.Koyasu Area

This is a sudden drop spot with sudden drops going straight down at approximately 300km/h. Grip becomes totally unusable, so be extra careful while proceeding!

2.Shin-Yamashita Area

This lower loop area appears after passing through Bay Bridge.

3.Marine Tower

Marine Tower, the famous Yokohama port town landmark. The Minato Mirai area ferris wheel is visible in the distance.

4.Ishikawacho JCT/Toward Yokohama Park

Enter the by-pass for a sudden right-angled turn! On top of being really steep, this challenging area requires fast, rhythmic steering.

5.In-tunnel S-shaped Corners/Outer

This opposite version of the "Inner" area goes in the other direction and looks similar, but it is somewhat easier to clear than the Inner area.

6.Yokohama Station East Gate Area

The center of Yokohama City. This area is lively with station buildings and commercial facilities.