Yokohane Line Upward

Total Length:15.1km


This line cuts through downtown Kanagawa to the center of Tokyo.
Its characteristics are the large landscapes you will find near airports and riversides.

Course layout

Although this line is tight with only two lanes, there are many easy corners and straight lines, so it is relatively easy to plan a strategy to win in this course.
The corners may look hard, but you can run through most of them easily if your lane-positioning is exact.


Course Guide

1.Near Katsushima

You can't see it from the course, but the former "Future Lab" was actually located right around here.

2.Heiwajima Tollgate

You can get on an easy line if you try to pass through the center tollgate.

3.Approach to Haneda Tunnel

Banked corner with a steeply falling gradient. You may feel like you are leaning and dropping.


Consecutive corners with slightly wide lanes.
You should pass through them by drifting boldly!