Yokohane Line Downward

Total Length:14.4km


Just like the Yokohane Line upbound, this line mainly runs through Kanagawa.
This course consists of easy corners that you can take at high speed.

Course layout

Basically, this course, just like the upbound course, is raced at high speed.
However, you need to be careful at the narrow Daishi tollgate in the middle of the course. And as it is in all the areas of Yokohane Line, if you focus on power tuning , even the easy corners will become difficult. You need to concentrate at all times!


Course Guide


High speed corner leading to a long straight line.
It is easy, but you must not get careless and make a mistake, or you may waste a lot of time.

2.Exit of Haneda Tunnel

It's easy to slip up on the steep slope, but you will be OK if you make sure to get into the inner lane and turn the corner.

3.Daishi Tollgate

This tollgate is very narrow.
Be careful not to crash.


Just like the Yokohane upbound line in the opposite lane, Feel-good area where you can drift!