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Start your engines for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6!

Hello to all the Wangan Runners across the world!
This is the producer, YAKATA.
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 is finally here,and it's about time, too!

Our biggest push for this 6th edition in the series was Multi-Ghost VS Battles.
You can now enjoy heated 4-player battles against other players even in Ghost Battle mode!
We have also increased the maximum horsepower to 840!
Can you handle these intense, high-speed battles?

And on top of that, loads of new content, such as:

- Porsche models make their debut!

- The original Wangan Midnight story finally reaches its conclusion in Story Mode!

- Tons of the hypest music from the Wangan Maxi series has been included!!

Support for features previously only available in the Japanese versions have also been added, including:

- Terminal Scratch-off

- A mini-map on the bottom-left of the race screen

Furthermore, the ASIA and INDONESIA servers have finally been unified!
It is now possible to appear as an opponent in Ghost Battles, as well as race together!

...and much, much more.
We have really pumped this full of content!
Please have fun at your arcade with this super powered-up Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6!

Maybe we will even turn up overseas sometime,and we're looking forward to meeting you when that time comes!
And don't forget to install the brand-new Wangan Navigator app to your smart phone!