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Information regarding the VS Other Region Ghost Event

Hello everyone. It’s Yakata, the Development Producer.

We are finally opening the VS Other Region Ghost Event on December 1st, which was updated back in July this year.

The COVID-19 virus has impacted many things big and small, and continues to do so for quite some time now. This holds true for Japan as well, and our development team has done its best despite the virus’s influence.

And while there are places that are fairing well with the virus, there are others that are not. It is my hope that with this news and event we can show that things are moving forward despite everything.

Although we are holding this event now, we are also looking into holding it again in the future.
We know that depending on the circumstances of the area you live in it might be difficult for you to join in on the event this time. If that is the case, I would ask you to wait until we hold this event again in the future.

We look forward to the day where we can all have fun together again, not just through online events held in the game, but to go and meet you all again in regional competitions and at the world championship.