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Special Contents Vol.2

Freely Changing Titles in Wangan Navigator

You can receive new titles when meeting certain requirements in Wangan Maxi.
Is everyone having fun using their new titles?

There are various types of titles, including:
- Achievement type: Commemorates your high scores and new records
- Joke type: For those who like to make others laugh
- Rare type: These difficult to obtain
- Maniac type: For the most devoted of Wangan fans
In all, there are different types of titles.

Currently it's only possible to hold one of these titles at a time, making it a challenge to decide which to use whenever you acquire a new one.
So for those who love their Titles, we're introducing a new feature to Wangan Navigator called the "title save" function!
Using the title save function, it will be possible to automatically stock your 10 newest titles, as well as the ability to register an additional 10 as favorites.

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Install Wangan Navigator now to enjoy these new features!