Update Information

The July 8th, 2020 update is live!

New vehicle added: PORSCHE 928GT!




5 speed

(initial state)

330 horsepower


5.0 liter V-8 engine NA

Selectable colors

Indian red/Silver metalic/Grand prix white/Black/Dark blue/Murano green

The hatchback-style design and round pop-up headlights define the trademark aesthetics of the 928 GT.
In lieu of a flat engine, it runs on a 5 liter V8 in its front mid-ship for rear-wheel drive.
This premium sports model combines luxury with sport for the best of both worlds.

Added VS Other Region Ghost Event!

The popular online event from 5DX PLUS is finally coming to Wangan Maxi 6! Compete against other regions in Ghost Races and get lots of rewards! The dates and times will be announced soon,so please look forward to it!


Starting from Wangan Maxi 6, Fully Tuned Ticket pieces will be available in addition to the usual Name Plate
and Race Meter rewards. Collect all of the pieces to make a Fully Tuned Ticket!


Compete with your store in theWangan Navigator'sStore Ranking Competition! Cooperate with other playersfrom your location and climb all the way up the ranks!

Adjustments to Dress-up Points!

In Ghost Races, even coming in last place will give you Dress-up Points.