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GT-R50 by Italdesign

This is a Special Future Lab News! Which is to say, I would like to use this Future Lab News to convey my thoughts and talk a bit about the things going on internally with the development leading up to the release of Wangan Maxi 6RR.

The first I want to celebrate is the release of GT-R50 by Italdesign!

During the development of Wangan Maxi 6RR, we wanted to put in a car that would really take the players by surprise. So, after getting consent from Nissan, it will now be available as a new player car!

Based on the GT-R NISMO, it was jointly developed by both Nissan GT-R and Italdesign to commemorate their 50th anniversaries. With only 50 of the completely made to order vehicles produced, and them being worth over 100 million yen each, they are the very definition of a rare gem.

One day in 2021 I went to NISSAN CROSSING in Ginza to cover the test car they had brought to an exhibition, and while there I took pictures of it from all kinds of angles.
It was around when we posted Wangan Maxi 6R Future Lab News No.54.

Something that stands out with the GT-R is the round tail lamp, but the LED headlights and high-mount stop-lamps that changes appearance depending on the angle are also very cool. When they turned them on during the showcase, all of us journalists there got very excited and couldn't stop taking pictures.
(When they let me sit in the driver's seat of the exhibition vehicle, I was deeply moved and could not help feel that I was so lucky to have this job! I was then so surprised that I was even allowed to touch it that I fumbled just trying to grasp the steering wheel...)

(I took so many pictures that it wouldn't be possible to put them all up here. The shape of it is just too cool!)
(A picture of how happy and excited I felt)

On top of everything, it will be the first R35-type vehicle in Wangan Maxi that is possible to dress up.
You will be able to equip a variety of parts to it, and I'm very happy that players can customize it to their liking, essentially creating new kinds of amazing vehicles (especially all you R35 fans).

On the teaser site you are able to look at a 360-degreee view of the car. I hope that brings excitement for the coming day when you will be able to drive it in-game.

*This is not really related, but during the exhibition there was a kid around the age of 2 who while holding his mother's hand was pressed up against the glass looking at the GT-R50 by Italdesign. I couldn't help but think "they understand! This is such a cool car, right!"
It makes me happy to think that once that kid is a bit olde,r they might go to an arcade, see Wangan Maxi, and realize it has the car they saw that day. Maybe in turn they'll become a car lover, too.

Well then, I'll see you next time!

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