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Bingo Challenge

Hello, everyone. It's me, Yakata.
Our special second Future Lab News is about the Bingo Challenge!

Until now, you have been able to send Stamps back and forth through Ghosts to friends. But now, through Bingo Challenge you can play with friends together by combining your strength in a cooperative mode. Regular VS. mode is also fun, but we wanted to create a mode that allowed you to have fun with your friends in a different way.

Playing is easy!

1) Select "Bingo Challenge" from the online ghost versus battle mode.
2) Defeat ghosts and open bingo cards!
3) Combine your bingo cards at the terminal and you'll both clear numbers at the same time!

Easy to understand!

- "VS player mode is fun, but the difference in horsepower with my friend is crazy..."
The opponents will match the horsepower of your car, so if there is a gap in power between you and your friend, there is no problem!

- "There aren't enough cabinets to play with my friends..."
Even with one cabinet, you can play on rotation with your friends! There is no limit to the size of your group, so you can play with a large amount of people.

And, the rules for playing with your friends or group are very relaxed.
For example, if one day your friends are late due to activities or work, you can create a group after they have arrived.
The more friends you have join your group, the easier it is to get a bingo, so please have as many join as you can!

The items you can receive change daily, including:
- Bingo Challenge dated titles
- Dated number plates
- Custom frames
(Custom frames are available only once every 6 months).

Play with your friends each day and those items may even become treasured memories!

And, while I have written quite a bit already, I would like to reiterate that while it is fun to work together, regular VS player mode is also fun too! So please feel free to continue playing it.
When you have a new friend with you, there is also the VS Trial Race mode, so please feel free to try that out, too!
(We intend on showcasing the VS Trial Race mode with our next update, so keep an eye out!)

For this special Future Lab News we also have information about the "Wangan Tournament" feature.

See you later!

The Wangan Tournament added!

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