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Wangan Tournament

Hello, everyone. It's me, Yakata.
Our special third Future Lab News is about the Wangan Tournament!

The Wangan Tournament is an online event that determines the number one venue in the nation!

Wangan Maxi has a variety of ways to play, but it is no doubt that the most exciting moments come from events like the World Championship and TOUSHINSAI. When races become so heated it is exciting just to watch them, even if you can't participate.
We are creating real-life tournaments, (speaking of which, we really want to make a worldwide tournament!) But, as we all know, COVID-19 continues to affect us regardless of our plans, and due to distance and various other circumstances it is quite difficult to make tournament participation a reality.

With the Wangan Tournament we would like to:
- Create the feeling of battling it out with other players and climbing the ranks, even if you're not playing next to each other.
- Be able to stay in the tournament due to help from other players, and enjoy the tournament regardless of skill level.
- Let it be known how powerful each venue and its players are throughout the world.
...Which are the main reasons the development team has created this online event.

The tournament is decided in 4 rounds:
1) Regional Qualifiers Round 1 (The top 2 venues proceed)
2) Regional Qualifiers Round 2 (The top 2 venues proceed)
3) Regional Finals (The winning venue becomes the representative of that region, and continues to the Championship)
4) Championship (1st place and 2nd place prizes awarded)
Each venue battles against the #1 ghost, the representative (called the Rep.) of their venue in their area, and races against other venues based on distance.
Become the ace of your venue and aim for the top!

With the end of each race:
- The distance from the current #1 ghost
- The number of times one has challenged the current #1 ghost
- The number of times the current #1 ghost has been updated
Will be recorded for every venue, and that venue's MVP will be able to receive a special item. There are other conditions that can be achieved aside from the greatest distance, so please challenge those too!

With 1st place prizes, 2nd place prizes, special winning-venue race meters, and special items for playing at the Regional Rep.'s venue (one for each country/area) during the After-Hours Festival, this event has heaps to offer.

Well then, where could the best venue reside?
Whether you keep winning, or lose out in the process, this is an event that can be enjoyed by all until the very end, so please enjoy this festival-like event!

See you later!

There is also info on the Bingo Challenge mode from the second Future Lab News, so if you have not yet read it, please check it out!

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