Increasing the Max Level!

*SSSSS Class players will start from SSSSS9 Class once transferred over.

Increasing the VS Grade Max Level!

*10th Grade Pro players will start from a grade dependent on the VS medals they possess once transferred over.

WORK Brand Wheels!

*These will replace some older wheels

New BGMs!

A major Japanese music composer, crucial to the Wangan Maxi Series!
Added 5 songs by Yuzo Koshiro!

Comments from Mr. Yuzo Koshiro

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune's music has Trance and Techno roots all this time.
I have been trying to explore new genres out of the dance music on every update as well as keeping the roots.
I know upbeat songs are essential for racing games, and Wangan music also requires unique world-building that the original manga characters and scenarios bring to the music.

For Wangan 6RR, Bandai Namco asked me to create a new dance/club music style which we had never gotten in the series as we already had enough Trance and Techno tracks.
So I chose genres like Russian Hard Bass, Progressive House, Synth Wave, and Future Funk.
It was a bit challenging to adapt those to the Wangan music but worth a lot doing it.

"Starry Night" sung by SAK. got full of live instruments to create the legit early 80's Japanese pop song that is one of the genres I've wanted to have a crack at, and remixed it as Future Funk, that is a popular genre among certain club music fans.
That's the authentic way to make this genre which dared to take time to get true sound.
This song has both English and Japanese lyrics, and I used English to match the game for the remix.

Another significant challenge is "Coming to You," which is Progressive House with an R&B  style vocal by Jeff Washburn.
I'd say it also will bring fresh air to the series.
One of my beliefs about Wangan music is how emotional it is rather than the faster the BPM, the better.
This song will tell you a part of Wangan Midnight's story's feelings in its own right.

Music will be uploaded to streaming sites after launch!

VS Trial Race!

Race a friend in a race
at the same HP with only one BANAPASSPORT CARD!

Play by tapping your card before inserting any coins.

Navi Scratch-off on Wangan Navigator!

Get awesome items from Wangan Navigator.

For each time you play a certain number of times, you can do a Scratch-off from Wangan Navigator and get various items.
You will always get something from each Scratch-off, no misses!

*Your play count will reset every day.

New items will be rotated monthly!

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