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Info for each new feature and data transfer

Hello, everyone. It's me, Yakata.
Our special fourth Future Lab News has a ton of news about Levels/Grades/WORK wheels, new Yuzo Koshiro music, and data transfer information!

During our last announcement, the launch day for Japan was decided to be November 17th, however, the Asia/Oceania version launch date is still under preparations, so please wait just a little longer.

Levels/Vs Grade Additions

In addition to the two new game modes Bingo Challenge and Wangan Tournament, Levels and Grades that show a player's skill will also be added in 6RR.

The new SSSSSS Level is currently displayed in white, but it will be a different color once it debuts in the game. Please wait and see in the game itself or learn from players that reach that level.
(It was a difficult process for the development team to decide the color...)
What should we call the level... Six S's... Perhaps, "new color" S Level?

An addition to the VS grade has not occurred in 7 years since Maximum Tune 5.
The 11th Grade shows itself as a chimera, an amalgamation of many beasts' power combined.
For a creature to surpass the 10th Grade lion, the king of beasts, a truly strong motif has been chosen to represent the 11th Grade. Find out and see it with your own eyes.
In addition, once your data is transferred to 6RR, your grade will update as well. Depending on the person, it could become 11th grade, or even 12th grade?!
We hope that VS players will look forward to the new content.

WORK Wheels

WORK wheels will replace certain wheels as a new wheel manufacturer.
There are plenty of cool designs and color variations. Match them with the color of your car, or color coordinate the bottom. The ability to customize your car has never been better!
(I personally like the ZR10 wheels. The spokes are very nice...)

Yuzo Koshiro BGMs

We've kept you waiting long enough! At last, we have some new Yuzo Koshiro music for you.
You'll hear them right from the get-go as you start the new version, and there are also plenty of new songs that you can listen to while racing. You'll find variety of songs for varied tastes.
The story mode ending song has also been replaced with a new special song for 6RR.
It has a totally different feeling to it, so be sure to check it out!

Data Transfer Information

With the addition of these new features, a few points will change to become transfer data, so please keep that in mind.
Also, with the addition of "Bingo Challenge", the 6R game mode "KAIDO Challenge" will be removed.
(We apologize to the Asia/Oceania region players that never got to try it.)

See you next time!

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